The Zippers Zippers Band

Planning a hi-end wedding?

Do you want to make sure you don’t get just another "wedding band"? Here’s an option for you that will guarantee the most incredible event of your life. The Zippers will perform all your favorite hits from the decades with professionalism and flair. From Sinatra to The Stones, from Glen Miller to AC/DC, from the 40’s to the most current hip dance favorites, The Zippers make each song memorable and fun, yet perform with conviction and authority. Their vast playlist covers every conceivable era, and they have the astounding ability to capture the mood of each style as if they wrote it themselves.


Ever get tired of watching the dance floor empty out while the band tries to figure out what to play next? Pacing is everything in a hi-end event. The Zippers perform seamlessly from one song to the next, keeping the dance floor packed, like a programmed mix, but with the live energy that only a live band can give.


Nothing is worse than having entertainers look out of place at an event. Our performers are always dressed to the nines. We have beautiful black/silver tuxes, and many other flashy stage suits for the guys. And the girls are always decked out in gorgeous gowns and perfectly made up. You will never be embarrassed by this band - they look as good as they sound!


Here’s another common problem "the band’s too loud!" or, "I can’t hear the vocals!". These are sound problems. A professional sound engineer who knows the act intimately will never let that happen. That’s why The Zippers carry their own professional sound engineer who works exclusively with them to ensure that every show is flawless. He knows who is singing each song, what solos are coming up, and all the intricacies of mixing the instruments and voices to sound like a concert or a record, not a garage band, and all at a volume level that is appropriate to the venue and the event. One of the most common compliments we receive from clients is that we have the best sound mix of any live band they’ve ever heard. For local events (Southern California) the Zippers carry their own state of the art sound system, as good as those provided by professional sound companies. For traveling dates, The Zippers’ engineer will ensure that the gear provided is properly setup, and run throughout the event for a flawless show.

MC Services

The Zippers are fortunate to have one the best front man/MC’s in the business. And the good news is he comes free with the band! He works with the event planner to coordinate all the announcements, bringing in the bridal party with flair and humor, facilitating toasts and the cake cutting. No need to hire a separate MC when you have The Zippers. You’ll already be getting one of the best!

Extra Services

Need a more intimate atmosphere for the dinner or cocktail hour? The Zippers members’ versatility shines here with solo classical guitar, or a small jazz trio that creates an elegant mood with beautiful music that never overwhelms the moment. Sophisticated instrumental music that sets the mood is always in style. Explore these elegant options to enhance your event.

Music Selections

Picking the right music for the moment is what this band does best. Having a vast playlist to choose from helps, but knowing what song or style will work best in any particular moment is an art that takes years to acquire. The Zippers will "read" the crowd and consistently pull up songs that will be a hit and keep the dance floor packed. In addition, we will work with you to select just the right song for that special First Dance, or Father/Daughter Dance. And if it’s not already in our repertoire, we’ll learn it for you!

The Zippers take great pride in assuring each event is special, and that working with us will be the best experience imaginable. You will find this band incredibly easy to work with, and willing to do whatever is needed to make your party exactly as you envision it. Every musical element of your wedding will be covered, and we guarantee your guests will leave saying The Zippers were the best wedding band they ever heard.

We all want to say "thank you so much" for doing such an outstanding job at Lisa and David's wedding. You are such an incredible group, and your interaction and personal touches made us all so happy. Working in this business as long as we have, you can walk into a room that is magnificent, but if your band is not great everything else goes away. We really can't put into words how happy we were with your professionalism, your charm, and that magnificent energy.
Isabelle & Irwin Zimmerman – Extraordinary Events